MMABE Markets Division

Attractive spaces that promote vending and entrepreneurship to encourage access to local goods.


Accommodations are provided for vendors to offer for sale marketable commodities such as fish, and ready to eat foods under CAP 265.


  • Bridgetown Public Market, Bridgetown 
  • Berinda Cox- Oistins, Christ Church 
  • Consett Bay-St john
  • Millie Ifill- Weston St James
  • Paynes Bay- St James
  • Speightstown , St Peter

Refrigerated Facilities

Cold storage and chill storage facilities are provided at the Bridgetown Public Market, Berinda Cox Fish Market and facilities for cold storage are provided at Consett Bay, Speightstown Market

Ice Sales

Ice is produced and offered for sale at seven fish markets; Bridgetown Public Market, Berinda Cox, Consett Bay, Millie Ifill, Payne’s Bay and Speightstown Fish Markets.  

Dry Docks

Dry dock space for boats is provided at the Bridgetown Public Market, Berinda Cox, Millie Ifill, Tent Bay, Consett Fish Markets.

Food Inspection

Ante and post-mortem inspections of fish.

The role and function of the Markets Division are set out in Cap 265, Markets and Slaughterhouses Act (1958) and are as follows:

  1. The establishment and management of all fish markets.
  2. Collecting and accounting for all government revenue covered under
  3. Inspection and licensing of vendors and cold stores.
  4. Ensuring food safety through trained and qualified food inspectors in the areas of fish.
  5. Management of fishing harbours and dry dock.
  6. Advising the Minister as it relates to the establishment of markets, prohibited areas and open vending activity.

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